Title: XR Morphosis

Date: March 2020 (Semester 2)

Abstract: XR Morphosis is an immersive and transformative experience which uses the virtual reality for audio visual experience integrated with elements of the real world. During the development we explore how physical restriction aligned with VR narrative influences immersion, as well as a power of embodied action and spatial audio. We attempt to bring users in a new form by giving them virtual wings and redesigning locomotion to embody this transition.

Course: Design for Emerging Technologies

Grade: A

UN SDGs Focused On: 3 & 9


Academic Project Group Report

Indvidiaul Report

Title: Cat Connect

Date: January 2020 (Semester 1)

Abstract: This project was an attempt to design and prototype a system for wellbeing of cats using IoT paradigm. Initial design concept aims to create a system with IoT system characteristics such as new knowledge creation for a context-aware application with autonomous features. This scope has changed over the course of project and focus was dedicated to performing a context acquisition as well its immediate distribution. In the prototype implementation were used Raspberry Pi with a compact sensor network, motorised actuators and an app designed in Android Studio to serve as an interface.

Course: Internet of Things

Grade: A

UN SDGs Focused On: 3, 4 & 9


Academic Project Group Report

Title: BoBo

Date: November 2019 (Semester 1)

Abstract: The aim with this project was to investigate whether we could apply design methodologies in order to identify, scope and practically solve a design problem using two emerging technologies. With the use of the design methodologies design thinking, brainstorming, rapid and iterative prototyping we were able to produce an integrated prototype that can be empirically tested and further developed. The prototype consists of an augmented reality (AR) and a desktop application. Together they form a solution within the realm of Internet of Things (IoT). The desktop application is used to display our creature BoBo and its habitat, while the AR application is used to retrieve the children that escaped the habitat.

Course: Introduction to Design for Creative & Immersive Technologies

Grade: A

UN SDGs Focused On: 3, 4 & 9


Academic Project Group Report

Individual Report

Title: Herb-I-Wore

Date: December 2017 - March 2018

Description: Herb-I-Wore was a vegan fashion concept designed for the Lebanese market to raise awareness about veganism while using multilingual cultural puns as comic relief.

Aim: The aim of this concept was to design a 100% vegan fashion line for casual wear apparel at an affordable price. The fabric material was aimed to use recycled clothes and print from organic/plant-based ink.


UN SDGs Focused On: 1, 9 & 13

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