Title: Coollows

Date: January 2021

Description: Coollows are smart pillows that uses IoT sensors to solve the problem of the pillows becoming warm when the head is placed on it rendering us to stay up.

Aim: The aim of this concept is to design smart pillows using IoT sensors and technologies to help people sleep better and lead a healthier life.

UN SDGs: 3 & 9

Title: RATion

Date: December 2020

Description: RATion is a design fiction narrative art film set in dystopian future, where a hungry labrat-cyborg aims to get the cheese in order to survive.

Aim: The film is an experiment film to capture the perspective of a cyborg-labrat and observe the life bottom to top. Additionally get the audience to empathize by shedding light on the importance of preventing food waste.

UN SDGs: 2

*Assembly video of the arduino powered labrat-cyborg cam rig

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